Mick Jagger is 75, and Al Gore is 71

  1. Robert Plant — Led Zeppelin — Plant hasn’t fronted “Zep” officially in 40 years, and while he’s had a very successful solo career, he looks like Gandolf the Grey, not even “the White.” I’m also pretty sure he’s not showing his midriff anymore these days either.
  2. Freddy Mercury — Queen — Freddy was the ultimate showman, but could he have kept up his performance to where it was almost identical to what it was in his heyday the way Mick has?
  3. Roger Daltrey — The Who — They will always be my favorite band, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Daltrey at Turning Stone Casino last summer, but his voice cracked several times, and he forgot the words to Athena twice. Long gone are the golden locks, and that’s fine, but he’s not the way one remembers him. From a safe distance, when you look at Mick on stage, it could easily be 1978.
  4. Ian Anderson — Jethro Tull — While it’s true that Mick Jagger could never play the flute while balancing on one leg the way Anderson could, Ian Anderson has been in semi-retirement living as a fisherman or a salmon farmer or something that’s “not hot,” for many years. I don’t see Mick baiting many hooks.
  5. Ozzy Osbourne — Black Sabbath — While Ozzy has maintained his wild man persona, can we really expect him to bite off the head of a bat like it was 1973? Mick can make a bat’s head pop off by simply shaking that supple, gyrating ass.




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