Do we get dumber as we get older, or were we always kind of dimwitted?

  1. Ishmael (Kingpin) — As an Amish man, he’s not as worldly as most of us. I’m not sure though whether this excuses the fact that he tried to go “number 2” in a urinal.
  2. Biff Tannen (Back to the Future) — Not only is Biff always bested by Marty McFly, he struggles to deliver even the lamest of puns, i.e. “Make like a tree…..and get outta here.”
  3. Otto (A Fish Called Wanda — Otto may have been stupid, but don’t call him stupid because he will lay a hurt upon you. Still, he did believe that the central message of Buddhism was, “Everyman for himself.”
  4. Harry and Marv (Home Alone) — Little Macaulay Culkin tormented the dimwitted “Wet Bandits,” and that’s pretty sad considering that Michael Jackson carried around Macaulay Culkin like a good luck charm.

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