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  • Nancy Steiker

    Nancy Steiker

  • Jennifer Osborne

    Jennifer Osborne

    Educator, M.S./M.Ed.⎪Expat ⎪Runner⎪Editor of Educate. medium.com/educate-pub⎪www.jenniferosbornewrites.com

  • Jeff Mach

    Jeff Mach

    Jeff Mach’s an author, event creator, and Villain. His new show’s www.EvilExpo.com, and his Dark Lord book is at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1499905807.

  • Fred Ermlich

    Fred Ermlich

    I left America a year ago — it was getting too crazy. I’ve truly gone native here in rural Panama. I love Latins, and some love me back. I’ll never leave here!

  • Monica Myers

    Monica Myers

    Commerce Innovation Enthusiast

  • Michelle Lindell Hoffman

    Michelle Lindell Hoffman

  • DrShelly Ahmed

    DrShelly Ahmed

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